white & kale bean soup

We love a meal-in-a-bowl!

This is a confessional moment!

I love to cook. But, sometimes we’re just too busy. It’s so great to be able pick up a some delicious, organic, fresh veggies from our farmers market and throw them all in a large pot for a simple dinner.

This week we are making a wonderful, rich soup (really a stew).

First we sauté a chopped onion with some garlic (I really don’t mince the garlic, just chop it) and then we add in mushrooms. Once all that has cooked a bit we add the veggie stock and de-stemmed kale plus beans (I like cannelloni the best— I used canned).

I make this a lot and often oven roast radishes to toss in too. And, if I am in the mood for another protein I’ll add hot Italian sausage after the onion has cooked a bit. Lastly, add about two containers of veggie stock.

Truthfully, you can’t go wrong here. Sometimes I add a chopped tomato or a chopped carrot that’s been hanging around too long. Let the whole shebang simmer for 30 minutes or so and you’ve got dinner!

Here is a lovely recipe I use as a “go-by”.

Bon Appetit!



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